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Our wealth of experience in real estate Investment is second to none. We have achieved this level owning to our reliability in our scopes and through creating opportunities in the right locations for our stakeholders to satisfy their yearning needs. At Challenge Investment Group, we are committed to a trust-based relationship with our clients, coupled with a comprehensive knowledge of the market, and extending our frontiers to surpass stakeholders’ expectations. 

Property management is of paramount interest in real estate investment and by extension an essential element of our client’s property investment. Achieving a high ROI in this industry boils down to the effectiveness of property management. It is in our practice to employ those with the right skills and expertise in property management which spans over many years of experience to deliver exceptional service. In line with our strict company policy, we ensure that we stay true to its tenet by treating every customer’s information with the highest form of confidentiality.

Our strong relationship resonates deeply among our stakeholders. Being a customer-oriented company, we deem it fit not to compromise in our job delivery, but create a platform for trust and respect to thrive while acting as a corporate and an innovative entity in asset management.

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Just as the name of the UAE has become synonymous with trade and enterprise all over the world, the name of the Challenge Investment has become synonymous with dynamic growth, evidenced by its commitment to develop and grow businesses in multiple sectors.


To be a leader in the investment and real estate industries, through the delivery of top-notch services while building meaningful relationships along the way for a common purpose.


  • To exhibit our corporate social responsibilities to the best of our knowledge
  • To stay relevant by delivering high ROI for all stakeholders by providing high-quality service that surpasses customers’ expectations.
  • Build long-term relationship with stakeholders and clients.
  • To offer top-notch customer service using innovation and advanced technology as a mean to achieve it.
  • To build a market reputation that will remain consistent for the long future.

Group of Companies :

  1. Royal Emirates.
  2. Crepe-De-Licious
  3. Mugg & Bean.


  • Transparency: To run business in the most simple, efficient, and precise manner with our stakeholders.
  • Trust: To enhance honesty, integrity and the standards of business ethics into all facets of our business
  • Sustainable: Our business strategies reflects in our decision –making process and work ethics.
  • Secure: Our core strength is integral in our ability to see investment opportunities.
  • Committed: We are committed to achieving excellence by upholding our customers in high regard.
  • Supply Chain: A timely advanced system that ensures the right blend of availability, timing and quantity control.


  • To advance along the border line of creativity, strong brand name, and solid bases.
  • To expand regionally in the area of property management and develop strong presence with customers.
  • To multiply the current asset and investment of the company; this enables support of developmental service.
  • To be a highly respected player in the industry and build a reputation with our stakeholder as regards high ROI.

It is my utmost pleasure to welcome you to our website and for taking the decision to know about Challenge Investment Group. A commitment to act responsibly and do the right thing is an integral part of Challenge Investment Group. CIG’s strategic priorities are grounded in a fundamental sense of responsibility that includes all stakeholders – customers, employees, communities, and shareholders – whose support is essential for our continued success.

We have continued to make wide steps in our service delivery through the creation of value and achievement of high ROI for stakeholders. We have extended this part of our commitment and made it one of our top most priorities. By staying resolute in the building of existing investment and also seeking for a profitable investment opportunity in certain sectors---most especially in our home market—we have developed a knack for success in this industry. 

In our course of expansion and commitment to always operate in a structurally optimal condition, CIG’s management upholds all desirable and principled investment approach in line with globally acceptable practices.The fertile ground we find ourselves in—made possible by UAE-- has been the driving force in the actuality of our set goals, coupled with our sound strategy. Hence, we are well-disposed to make a big statement in this industry and leverage on attractive market opportunities as they emerge.





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